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I've been a musician my entire life. I've been releasing music under my own project called Rugby since I was 15 years old. It has always been my primary interest and focus. I have always written my own songs and always recorded and mixed my own music. I find it to be an extension of the music and can reflect the vision of the artist on the deepest level imaginable. 

After spending many years recording myself, I started getting asked to work on my friends projects and albums. I've been moving in that direction for a long time now and I feel more comfortable and excited producing records than doing anything else that I do. 


I can truly say I have a very high level understanding of the technical and artistic side of music making. I'm not just a guy who can make things sound good. I am the guy that can help rearrange the chords in the verse. I'm the guy who can get your snare drum to sound right. I'm the guy that gets your vision and helps shape it into something even more focused and spectacular. I also spend a lot of energy looking for when to stay out of the way! It's called a collaboration. I like to inspire the people I work with. I'm super passionate about creating music and it goes way beyond the dollar amount. 

Send me an email I'd love to be a part of what your working on.

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